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The UK Thalidomide Trust: The Thalidomide Trust

Thalidomide on Facebook: Thalidomide on Facebook (To access this group you need to be a member of Facebook and a thalidomider or close friend or relative to sign up)

EDRIC: The European Dysmelia Reference Information Centre This centre aims to bring satisfactory healthcare to people with 'limb reduction'.  Such a rare patient group is underserved by state health services and specialists are few and far between.  By linking patients and medical practitioners in a Europe-wide network, EDRIC is trying to overcome the health inequalities experienced by this group.

Press cutting archive: Thalidomide50


International Thalidomide Campaign Group Links

Country Web Site Contact
Australian FlagAustralia  

Lance Fletcher

Austrian flag Austria   Shoshana Duizend-Jensen
flag of belgium Belgium   agathemo@msn.com
Flag of Brazil Brazil    
canadian flagCanada
http://www.thalidomide.ca Mercedes Benegbi
Flag of Denmark Denmark   Ricky Wilke
Flag of Finland Finland    
German flag Germany http://www.contergan-nrw.eu/ Monika Eisenberg
Flag of Holland Holland    
Flag of Japan Japan http://www008.upp.so-net.ne.jp/ishizue/ Tsugumichi Sato
Flag of Norway Norway   Rune Kristiansen
Flag of Ireland Ireland http://www.thalidomideireland.com/ Finola Cassidy
Italian flag Italy http://www.thalidomidicionlus.it/ Nadia Malavasi
Spanish flag Spain http://www.avite.org/ Jose Riquelme
Swedish Flag Sweden http://www.thalidomide.org/ Björn Håkansson
uk flag Britain http://www.ictacampaign.com/ Mikey Argy

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