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Welcome to the English version of the International Contergan Thalidomide Alliance website.

We are a campaigning umbrella body that brings together people affected by thalidomide – or Contergan as it was known in Germany – from all over the world.

Our aim is simple: To secure justice and support for all of those who were injured in the womb by the drug thalidomide.

We hold governments and Chemie Grunenthal responsible for the thalidomide tragedy.

We will not rest until those responsible have acknowledged their social and moral responsibilities.


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25.2.2014 - UK campaign team meeting with the European Commissioner Tonio Borg and MEPs

28.1.2014 - The Europen Parliament are asked questions about Grunenthal

2.12.2013 Australian News - Thalidomide victims settle class action. A long battle for compensation ends with case against Diageo Scotland Ltd settled for £52 million

20.11.2013 Spanish News Spain court tells German thalidomide producer to pay compensation to 22 victims click here


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